Joining the Permet Fabricant Registry opens you up to opportunities to work on Permet’s collections alongside other makers. Permet is a public goods protocol building a new garment production system — driven by ownership and aligned incentives for participants, across the entire garment production value chain. Register.

Ecosystem participants have unprecedented access to profit redistribution, perpetual revenue streams, and immutable provenance — enabled by verifiable ownership of their work and experimental on-chain licensing. Production processes are programmatically improved upon by a global network of fabricants using an open-source architecture — with rewards for those who contribute: creating new ways to participate and thrive in the industry.

You can register anonymously using at least one of the following “tags” or create your own: Sewing, Pattern Making, Sample Making, Embroidering, Product Design, 3D Design, Graphic Design, Grading, Marking, Natural Dyeing, DTG Printing, Fabric Cutting, 3D Rendering, 3D Printing, Screen Printing, Shoe Making, Textile Weaving, Print Design, Photography, Styling, Jeweller.

Permet Fabricant Network Diagram

Greenwashing and human-rights violations can’t be obscured.

Secure public blockchain supply chain allows for complete transparency with production process data openly accessible and auditable to developers and analysts. Pushing for on-chain production data allows anyone to verify and visualize all the metrics so that we can work towards being able to truthfully measure the environmental and human rights impacts of garment production. The integration of blockchain technology into garment production is inevitable — large luxury retailers are already testing out cryptocurrency payments. But blockchain technology can enable so much more than just perpetuating the status quo by allowing consumers to support monolithic systems in new ways.

Permet is working and will continue to work to realize the potential of programmable assets to empower creators and producers and enable a new paradigm of innovation in an industry that requires disruption, for the sake of humans and the environment alike. As part of these efforts — we're also working to expand literacy and access to blockchain technology to enable this fairer future. This is all with the hope that modern clothing, footwear, and home goods production can actualize its fullest potential — with the means of production owned by its participants.

Onboarding Fabricants

So far, Permet has made strides regarding composable design and profit redistribution. We’ve received an outpouring of interest and support from new contributors and backers — which is why we’ve opened the registry to fabricants from our greater community. To us, a “fabricant” is anyone who can contribute to the production of garments — or the production of digital products and protocols. As we gear up to launch products and accompanying software and protocols in the coming months — we’d want to have the registry open to contributors to join in that process by extending our current maker and vendor directory. Permet is actively seeking makers of various types, whether you are running an independent screen printing operation from your garage or are employed as a worker in a garment factory. Whether you run a textile dyeing lab in your laundry room or you own a printing company. A non-exhaustive list of skillsets we’re seeking includes: sewing, pattern making, sample crafting, embroidering, product design, 3D design/rendering, graphic design, grading & marking, textile dyeing/weaving, DTG printing, fabric cutting, 3D printing, screen printing, shoe making, print design, jewelry making, product / e-commerce photography, and editorial photography (+ more).

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