What is Permet Systems?

Permet is pioneering the new world order in the fashion industry as a decentralized autonomous organization focused on creating transparent, open-source, and community-focused blockchain tools for the fashion-creator economy.

Core objectives:

1. Open-source smart contracts for anyone to transparently produce apparel, footwear and accessories.
2. Implement as many existing blockchain protocols to query supply chain data on-chain reducing greenwashing and labor violation.
3. Enable different cryptographic profit distribution systems empowering all participants within creation, production and distribution of products.

Strategic Roadmap:

We view merch production as a strategic entry point to refine our protocol and return ownership to the creators. This approach serves as a foundation for our broader mission to evolve garment production, ensuring it can enable new technologies to grow into a humane, inclusive, and equitable system.

Key Initiatives:

Modular Contracts: We are building a comprehensive library of garments that functions as an open-source platform for apparel production. This library will facilitate the creation of new garments by leveraging existing methods, materials, and technologies.

Fostering a Collaborative Ecosystem: By assembling an on-chain network of designers, producers, and suppliers, we enhance the scalability and impact of blockchain innovation.

Community Owned Profit Systems

Addressing the Challenges:

The fashion sector, with a current valuation of $1.9 trillion and projections to exceed $3 trillion, is riddled with exploitation across humanitarian, creative, and environmental dimensions. Conventional operations within this industry place a higher emphasis on financial gains over ethical considerations for individuals and environmental stewardship. This approach has resulted in pervasive misconduct and patterns of consumption that are not sustainable, alongside a resistance to adopting innovative technologies.

Crypto technologies help share ownership with stakeholders

A New Paradigm:

Utilizing blockchain technology enables us to establish traceable and verifiable data, paving the way for the creation of resilient and sustainable systems. Permet is redefining the core principles of the industry, preparing for a future where fashion surpasses ethical and sustainable boundaries to become more inclusive and groundbreaking.

Note: This one-pager of our whitepaper was published in early 2022, and since then, we've produced our first liquid split contract as well as implemented the creator split for FWB's Season 5 merch drop.

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